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From condos to office buildings, we provide dependable construction services of all types.

Professional Construction Services in Calgary

Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd is dedicated to working with you to complete your construction project efficiently and within your budget. We can act as a general contractor for your project, relieving you of the responsibility of dealing with multiple sub-trades and liabilities. We also provide construction services for commercial property and condominium improvements in Calgary. We understand that each property needs special and different attention, and thus we tailor our services to suit your property’s needs and specifications.The benefit to hiring us over others is we can act as a general contractor and reinstate the property to how it looked prior to commencing the work.

Our Team

Our team has a variety of skills and qualifications, and it consists of:





Equipment operators

Truck drivers


Pipe men





We also have the resources of several professionals to perform tasks such as mechanical and structural engineering, soil testing and analysis, compaction testing, architectural design, mudjacking, and structural reinforcement.

24-Hour Emergency Services

One of the factors that set our company apart from the others is that we are ready 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations. This can include flooding, structural engineering, mudjacking, plumbing, as well as electrical generator rentals.

Construction Services for Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Our construction services vary widely to meet a range of different needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

Site re-grading and asphalt replacement

Concrete curbs, retaining walls, sidewalks, and garage pads

Fire hydrant bollards

Installation of vaults and chambers

Haulage of equipment

Removal and disposal of soils, concrete asphalt or rubbish

Structural and cosmetic repairs on fencing and siding

Aggregates supply and placement

Custom fabrication with a variety of metals

Fabrication of stairwells, garbage enclosures, and fences

Designs, engineering and analysis

Asphalt and concrete repair

Haulage and disposal of contaminated soils

Trucking – gravel, fill and loam, and moving equipment

Sinkhole and manhole repairs (including benching)


Other construction services that we offer include:

Tenant development and improvements

Gas fitting

Fire hydrants

Troubleshooting and system design

Water main repairs and replacements

Sanitary and sewer main replacements and repairs

Refuelling of gensets

Site re-grading and asphalt replacement

Get started on your construction project - call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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