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Catch basins can back up and cause flooding for different reasons throughout the year depending on weather and other circumstances. If it’s late spring or fall it’s probably due to debris, but if its early spring and you’ve ruled out a water main issue chances are your storm line is frozen.

As we look into the beautiful spring temperatures that start to warm our bones and melt the snow piles, it’s easy to forget that we’re sitting on top of approximately 3 meters of frozen solid ground. It can take that frozen ground and the structures it holds a while to catch up; kind of like a bear coming out of hibernation, your storm line needs a little time to wake up and get moving. As the sun continues to thaw the winter ice and snow, the storm lines that are still frozen fill with ice and water. All of that run off now has nowhere to go so it starts backing up and pretty soon there is a pond where your parking lot once was. Call Us to Address Your Frozen Catch Basins! We at Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd. have the equipment to solve your frozen catch basin woes in and around Calgary! Using our Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum & Hydro Excavator unit and/or our High Pressure Flushing unit we can enter your storm line through the manhole or catch basin and, using hot water, restore it to its free flowing glory. If you or your tenants are suffering from spring thaw flooding, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help!


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