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Ensuring a Clean, Healthy Environment

Our upkeep services for sewers ensure your house remains healthy and clean.

Sewer Line Maintenance Services in Calgary

Sewers are the hidden elements of a well-functioning property. To ensure a comfortable and clean environment, it is imperative that they remain in top-notch condition. If not tended to in time, sewer leaks or sewer line issues can cause a serious health hazard, damage the property and undermine the drainage system. At Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd, we provide quality and professional replacement, repair, service, cleaning and cleanouts of sewer lines in Calgary. Our team acts promptly so that the damage from malfunctioning sewers can be minimized. Some of the services which we offer include:

Sewer Lines

Broken pipe repairs

Sewer blockage removal

Corrosion removal

Sink drain cleaning

Sewer line cleanout

Sewer line inspections

Bellied pipe repairs

Leaking joints repairs

Replacing off-grade pipes

Sewer maintenance services

Installation of sump pumps

Pumping and sanitization of sump pumps

Repair and replacement of sump pumps

Video camera inspections of storm and sanitary lines

We ensure that the hidden backbone of any property - sewer lines - remains free of any problems and breakdowns. For more information about our services, call us today.

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