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Ensuring Safety & Protection

Our team ensures your fire hydrants remain functional by providing repairs and inspections.

Fire Hydrant Repair & Inspection in Calgary

Fire hydrants are an essential part of property safety measures. It is mandatory for the owners of commercial buildings and condominiums with fire hydrants on private property to get them tested annually. This is to ensure that the fire hydrant is operating efficiently and that it has not frozen or been damaged over the winter months. In Canada, winter months can especially inflict some serious damage on the hydrants. It is recommended that spring testing is done every year, as well as a thorough check in the fall prior to the freezing season to ensure that the hydrant is operable. At Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd, we provide comprehensive fire hydrant inspection services and facilitate repairs in case of any problems or damage. We explain our process and progress to our clients so they can always stay in the loop and take better care of their fire hydrants henceforth. Some of the services we provide include:

Fire hydrant inspection - spring/fall inspection

Flow test

Isolation valve operation, position and accessibility

Complete repair and restoration

Fire hydrant replacements

Our goal is to ensure that your essential safety equipment does not give up on you in your hour of need. For more information about our services, call us today.

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