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One-Stop Shop for Maintenance

Our maintenance programs provide repair and upkeep services for almost every mechanical equipment in your house.

Holistic Mechanical Maintenance Programs in Calgary

Keep your tenants happy and avoid costly emergency repairs by having your commercial property or condominium regularly maintained. We know that every building is unique and deserves a maintenance program that is tailored to its construction. We offer customized mechanical maintenance programs in Calgary and surrounding areas, suited to your needs and budget. Prior to preparing your maintenance program, we will perform a site inspection of your equipment and discuss your requirements and concerns. The annual program consists of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly site visits. It can be limited to the basic operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment, or it can include a wide range of tasks such as backflow testing, yearly teardown, and inspection of gas equipment. Mechanical maintenance programs can include:

Backflow prevention devices

Heating boilers

Heating pumps

Water heaters

Hallway make-up air units

Parkade make-up air units

Chemical water treatment


Air filters

Micron filters

Exhaust Fans

Carbon monoxide detection systems

Preventative maintenance

Air conditioning equipment

Emergency generators

Our goal is to provide the best maintenance possible for your equipment. For more information about our services, call us today.

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