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Quality Mechanical, Construction & Maintenance Services in Calgary

At Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd, we offer extensive plumbing, heating, cleaning and construction services to commercial and residential clients in the Calgary area. In addition to these services, we also have our mechanical maintenance program, which deals with all kinds of repairs and maintenance for all kinds of properties, including condominiums. Our staff is skilled and experienced to assist you in a professional way and suggest the best option for the problem you are facing.

In case of any emergencies, we are available 24/7 to assist you. Contact us for more information about our mechanical and construction services in Calgary.

Construction Services

Complete your construction project efficiently and within your budget with Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd. We can act as a general contractor for your project, and our team has a variety of areas of expertise, including:




Equipment operating

Truck driving




...and much more.

Mechanical Maintenance Program

Avoid costly emergency repairs at your commercial property or condominium building with our regular maintenance program. Our team provides contract mechanical services on units including:

Backflow prevention devices

Heating boilers

Heating pumps

Water heaters

Hallway make-up air units

Parkade make-up air units

Chemical water treatment

...and much more.

Plumbing & Heating

Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd is here for all of your commercial and residential plumbing and heating needs. From leaking pipes to furnace repairs, our plumbers are qualified to handle situations in your home or office building. Our plumbing and heating services include:

New installations


Maintenance and repairs

Hydronic (boilers)

Forced air furnaces

Make up air units repairs, maintenance and installations

...and much more.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are an important safety device on any property. They ensure protection in case of unexpected fires or sparks. This is why it is of utmost importance to get the hydrants and their valves periodically checked so as to keep them in working order. At Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd, we provide all maintenance and repair services for fire hydrants and their associated parts, including:

Fire hydrant inspection

Seasonal maintenance

Flow test

Water level check

Drainage of hydrant cap, nozzle and other parts

Hydrant access

Hydraulic readings

Isolation valve operation, position and accessibility

Complete repair and restoration

Water main break repairs

...and much more.

Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are one of the most important aspects of a well-maintained property. A clogged sewer line not only affects the plumbing fixtures in the house, but if it gets bad enough, you may find sewage backing out of some of your drains. At Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd, we provide all kinds of replacement, repair, and cleaning services for sewers, including periodic cleanouts. These include:

Broken pipes

Sewer blockages


Drain flushing and augering

De-thawing of frozen pipes

Equipment services

...and much more.

Reliable, Professional Services

Our trained tradesmen provide excellent service and ensure that the job is well done.

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